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About harrison

Harrison Foster has built a solid reputation based on a combination of professionalism, warmth, energy and approachability.  Whether the school size is small or large, Harrison treats each and every student, parent, and instructor with respect and kindness.  Although his energy is boundless he is patient, diligent, and especially gentle with the youngest.

Because of Harrison Photography's experience and specialization in performing arts schools, they are very aware of the large school scheduling and able to work with each school to meet their respective deadlines.  In order to accomplish this, Harrison Photography leads a talented and highly qualified support team of professionals.

While Harrison is committed to continuing education in image technology, he acquired a BA in Theatre which enriched his appreciation for the arts and helped develop his creative eye for each and every shooting session.​  Harrison's award winning work is widely published and he has been featured as a guest speaker to photography professionals and learning institutions.